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Concordance Results

The selected word "D" appears 6 times in the following 4 texts (sorted by titles):

  1. The Candidate  (1 result)
            33    D[am]n ye both for a couple of Puritan bitches!

  2. The Characters of the Christ-Cross Row, By a Critic, To Mrs —  (2 results)
              1    Great D draws near— the Duchess sure is come,
              4    The dowager grows a perfect double D.

  3. Imitated from Propertius, Lib: 3: Eleg: 5:  (2 results)
            10    I'd in the ring knit hands and join the Muses' dance.
            20    To Providence, to him my thoughts I'd raise,

  4. A Long Story  (1 result)
            51    She'd issue out her high commission

Please note: The above results do contain variants (such as compound words, possessive case, contractions) of the selected word.

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