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The Poetical Works of Thomas Gray (1798)

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Title page    The Poetical Works of Thomas Gray. Containing his Odes, Miscellanies, &c. &c. &c.    p. [iii]
Preface    The life of Thomas Gray    p. [v]
Section    Odes    p. [27]
Poem    [Spring Ode]    p. [27]
Poem    [Favourite Cat]    p. 28
Poem    [Eton Ode]    p. 30
Poem    [Adversity]    p. 33
Poem    [Progress of Poesy]    p. 35
Poem    [Bard]    p. 40
Poem    [Fatal Sisters]    p. 46
Poem    [Descent of Odin]    p. 49
Poem    [Death of Hoel]    p. 52
Poem    [Triumphs of Owen]    p. 53
Poem    [Ode for Music]    p. 54
Section    Miscellanies    p. [58]
Poem    [Long Story]    p. [58]
Poem    [Elegy]    p. 62
Poem    [Mrs. Clerke]    p. 66
Poem    [Lord Holland]    p. 67
Poem    [Thebaid VI]    p. 67
Poem    [Sketch]    p. 68
Section    Poemata    p. [69]
Poem    [Elegiac Verses]    p. [69]
Poem    [Gaurus]    p. [69]
Poem    [Farewell]    p. 71
Poem    [From Buondelmonte]    p. 71
Contents    Contents    p. ---
Digital Library ID:   1798 (Source: METS/XML)
Title:   The Poetical Works of Thomas Gray. Containing his Odes, Miscellanies, &c. &c. &c.
Author:   Gray, Thomas, 1716-1771
Print Source:   London: printed for Ann Lemoine, White Rose Court, Coleman-street. 1798.
Medium:   71,[1]p.; 18°. Wants half-title. Final contents page.
Holding Library:   The Thomas Gray Archive
References:   not in Northup, Starr, or ESTC.
Notes:   70 images: image/gif (available for Web delivery), image/tiff (not available on the Web), scanned and processed by The Thomas Gray Archive, 06/11/2009.
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