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Concordance Results

The selected word "amor" appears 9 times in the following 6 texts (sorted by results):

  1. [Translations from the Greek Anthology]  (3 results)
            41    Intus Amor teneram visus spirare quietem,
            70        huic fuit exitii causa, viator, amor.
            71    Non ego, cum malus urit amor, Iovis induor arma.

  2. [Gratia magna]  (2 results)
              6        suppositus cineri non latet ullus amor:
            40        ille dolor saevus, sed magis asper amor.

  3. De Principiis Cogitandi. Liber Secundus.  (1 result)
            10    Altus amor Veri, et purum spirabat Honestum.

  4. Imitated [from Buondelmonte]  (1 result)
              2        et bene composita veste fefellit Amor.

  5. Luna habitabilis  (1 result)
            55    His metus, atque amor, et mentem mortalia tangunt.

  6. [Paraphrase of Psalm LXXXIV]  (1 result)
              1    Oh! Tecta, mentis dulcis amor meae!

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