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The following 11 texts (sorted by results) match your query "whose" (16 results):

  1. The Bard. A Pindaric Ode  (3 results)
            15    On a rock, whose haughty brow
            33    'Modred, whose magic song
              P    They both were Lords-Marchers, whose lands lay on the borders of Wales,

  2. Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College  (3 results)
              8    Whose turf, whose shade, whose flowers among

  3. Agrippina, a Tragedy  (2 results)
              P    Anicetus, whom he takes to be his friend, and in whose age he
              P    whose care Poppaea had been entrusted by Otho, contrives the

  4. [The Alliance of Education and Government. A Fragment]  (1 result)
              2    Whose barren bosom starves her generous birth,

  5. [Epitaph on Mrs Clerke]  (1 result)
              3    A heart, within whose sacred cell

  6. [Hymn to Ignorance. A Fragment]  (1 result)
              7    But chiefly thee, whose influence breathed from high

  7. [Imitated] From Propertius. Lib: 2: Eleg: 1.  (1 result)
            66    Whose heart has never felt a second flame.

  8. Imitated from Propertius, Lib: 3: Eleg: 5:  (1 result)
            57    You, whose young bosoms feel a nobler flame,

  9. Ode to Adversity  (1 result)
              3    Whose iron scourge and torturing hour,

  10. The Progress of Poesy. A Pindaric Ode  (1 result)
            89    'This pencil take,' (she said) 'whose colours clear

  11. [Translation] From Tasso [Gerusalemme Liberata] Canto 14, Stanza 32-9.  (1 result)
              4    Whose walls along the neighbouring sea extend.

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