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To Mr. GRAY, on his ODES (1797?, 1st ed. 1757)


REPINE not, GRAY, that our weak dazzled Eyes
Thy daring heights and brightness shun,
How few can track the Eagle to the skies,
Or like Him, gaze upon the Sun!

The gentle Reader loves the gentle Muse,
That little dares, and little means,
Who humbly sips her Learning from Reviews,
Or flutters in the Magazines.

No longer now from Learning's sacred Store
Our Minds their health and vigor draw;
HOMER, and PINDAR are rever'd no more,
No more the Stagyrite is Law.


Tho' nurst by these, in vain thy Muse appears,
To breath her ardors in our Souls;
In vain to sightless Eyes, and deaden'd Ears
The Light'ning gleams, and Thunder rolls!

Yet droop not, GRAY, nor quit thy Heav'n-born Art,
Again thy wond'rous Powers reveal,
Wake slumb'ring Virtue in the Briton's Heart.
And rouse Us to reflect, and feel!

With antient Deeds our long-chill'd Bosoms fire,
Those Deeds, which mark ELIZA's reign!
Make Britons, Greeks again—Then strike the Lyre,
And PINDAR shall not Sing in vain.

Poem    To Mr. GRAY, on his ODES    p. ---
Digital Library ID:   1797 (Source: TEI/XML)
Title:   To Mr. GRAY, on his ODES.
Author:   [Garrick, David, 1717-1779]
Print Source:   [Twickenham: printed at the Strawberry Hill Press by Thomas Kirgate, 1797? (1st ed. 1757)]
Medium:   2p.; 1/4°. 60 copies printed at Strawberry Hill.
Holding Library:   Houghton Library, Harvard University
References:   Hazen, A. T. and J. P. Kirby: A Bibliography of the Strawberry Hill Press, Detached Pieces 7; ESTC N13888.
Notes:   2 pages. Based on the edition published by the ECCO-TCP project, adapted by the Thomas Gray Archive, 04/11/2011 and 05/11/2013.
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This edition has been marked with a Creative Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0 as a work that is free of known restrictions under copyright law, including all related and neighbouring rights. The TEI/XML version is distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.