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  1. [The Alliance of Education and Government. A Fragment]  (7 results)
            18    Light golden showers of plenty o'er the land:
            46    Oft o'er the trembling nations from afar
            65    O'erpower the fire that animates our frame,
            77    O'er Libya's deserts and through Zembla's snows?
          101    Where Nile redundant o'er his summer-bed
          103    And broods o'er Egypt with his watery wings,
          107    That rise and glitter o'er the ambient tide.

  2. The Descent of Odin. An Ode  (7 results)
            37    O[din]. A Traveller, to thee unknown,
            45    O'er it hangs the shield of gold;
            51    O. Once again my call obey.
            59    O. Prophetess, my spell obey,
            73    O. Yet a while my call obey.
            84    O. No boding maid of skill divine
              P    [Hela the Latinized form of O[ld]N[orse] Hel]

  3. The Progress of Poesy. A Pindaric Ode  (7 results)
            27    O'er Idalia's velvet-green
            40    O'er her warm cheek and rising bosom move
            55    Where shaggy forms o'er ice-built mountains roam,
            66    Woods that wave o'er Delphi's steep,
          104    Wide o'er the fields of glory bear
          108    Bright-eyed Fancy hovering o'er
              P        Homer. Od[yssey]. O. [viii. 265]

  4. The Bard. A Pindaric Ode  (6 results)
              9    Such were the sounds, that o'er the crested pride
            16    Frowns o'er old Conway's foaming flood,
            25    'O'er thee, oh king! their hundred arms they wave,
            59    "From thee be born, who o'er thy country hangs
            72    "While proudly riding o'er the azure realm
            95    "Now, brothers, bending o'er the accursed loom,

  5. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard  (3 results)
              2    The lowing herd wind slowly o'er the lea,
            38    If Memory o'er their tomb no trophies raise,
            63    To scatter plenty o'er a smiling land,

  6. A Long Story  (3 results)
            10    When he had fifty winters o'er him,
            54    Through lanes unknown, o'er stiles they ventured,
            64    And o'er the bed and tester clamber,

  7. Ode on the Spring  (3 results)
            14    O'er-canopies the glade,
            28    Some lightly o'er the current skim,
              P    [Quite] O'er-canopied with luscious woodbine.

  8. The Fatal Sisters. An Ode  (2 results)
            32    O'er the youthful King your shield.
            40    O'er the plenty of the plain.

  9. [Hymn to Ignorance. A Fragment]  (2 results)
            16    The massy sceptre o'er thy slumbering line?
            28    She rode triumphant o'er the vanquished world;

  10. [Imitated] From Propertius. Lib: 2: Eleg: 1.  (2 results)
              8    Or lawless o'er their ivory margin stray;
          106    And say, while o'er the place you drop a tear,

  11. Ode for Music  (2 results)
            27    'Ye brown o'er-arching groves,
            48    (Their tears, their little triumphs o'er, (accomp.)

  12. [Ode on the Pleasure Arising from Vicissitude]  (2 results)
              7    And lightly o'er the living scene
            27    And o'er the cheek of Sorrow throw

  13. [Translation from Dante, Inferno Canto xxxiii 1-78]  (2 results)
            39    O'erta'en beheld, and in their trembling flanks
            71    And motionless. O earth, could'st thou not gape

  14. [Translation] From Tasso [Gerusalemme Liberata] Canto 14, Stanza 32-9.  (2 results)
            22    And sports and wantons o'er the frozen tide;
            27    'Vast, O my friends, and difficult the toil

  15. Agrippina, a Tragedy  (1 result)
            66    Impending o'er your son: their answer was,

  16. [Lines Spoken by the Ghost of John Dennis at the Devil Tavern]  (1 result)
            27    And shadows in disguise skate o'er the iced Canal;

  17. Satire on the Heads of Houses; or, Never a Barrel the Better Herring  (1 result)
              1    O Cambridge, attend

  18. [Translation from Statius, Thebaid VI 646-88, 704-24]  (1 result)
            47    Firmly he plants each knee and o'er his head,

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