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The Works of Thomas Gray (1814), ed. Thomas James Mathias, vol. i

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Frontispiece    Thomas Gray    p. ---
Title page    The Works of Thomas Gray ... to which are subjoined Extracts Philological Poetical and Critical ... Vol. I.    p. ---
Advertisement    Advertisement    p. ---
Section    The Poems of Thomas Gray    p. [1]
Poem    [Spring Ode]    p. [3]
Poem    [Favourite Cat]    p. 6
Poem    [Eton Ode]    p. 9
Poem    [Adversity]    p. 15
Poem    [Progress of Poesy]    p. 18
Poem    [Bard]    p. 25
Poem    [Ode for Music]    p. 33
Poem    [Fatal Sisters]    p. 39
Poem    [Descent of Odin]    p. 43
Poem    [Triumphs of Owen]    p. 49
Poem    [Death of Hoel]    p. 52
Poem    [Sonnet on Mr. West]    p. 54
Poem    [Epitaph on Mrs. Clerke]    p. 55
Poem    [Epitaph on Sir William Williams]    p. 56
Poem    [Elegy]    p. 57
Section    Notes Imitations and Variations    p. [65]
Poem    [Vicissitude]    p. 70
Poem    [Caradoc]    p. 121
Poem    [Conan]    p. 122
Section    Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Thomas Gray by William Mason    p. [129]
Poem    [Thebaid VI]    p. 139
Poem    [Lines Written at Burnham]    p. 154
Poem    [Ad C: Favonium Aristium]    p. 159
Poem    [Alcaic Fragment]    p. 161
Poem    [Horridos tractus]    p. 194
Poem    [Elegiac Verses]    p. 200
Poem    [Ad C: Favonium Zephyrinum]    p. 211
Poem    [The Gaurus]    p. 228
Poem    [Farewell]    p. 236
Poem    [From Buondelmonte]    p. 237
Poem    [Alcaic Ode]    p. 238
Poem    [Agrippina]    p. 246
Poem    [Sophonisba Masinissae]    p. 271
Poem    [De Principiis Cogitandi]    p. 277
Poem    [Ignorance]    p. 291
Poem    [Education and Government]    p. 306
Poem    [Long Story]    p. 325
Poem    [Bentley]    p. 337
Poem    [Vicissitude]    p. 345
Poem    [Elegia], tr. Anstey, Roberts    p. [497]
Poem    [Elegia], tr. Cooke    p. 505
Poem    [Sonneto], tr. Mathias    p. 513
Appendix    Appendix: Letters from Gray to Walpole    p. [537]
Contents    Contents    p. 571
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Title:   The Works of Thomas Gray with Memoirs of his Life and Writings by William Mason to which are subjoined Extracts Philological Poetical and Critical from the author's original manuscripts selected and arranged by Thomas James Mathias ... Vol. I.
Author:   Gray, Thomas, 1716-1771
Collaborator:   Mathias, Thomas James, 1754?-1835 [editor]
Print Source:   London: printed by William Bulmer and co./ Shakespeare Press / for John Porter in Pall-Mall Bookseller to Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte / 1814
Medium:   [6],581,[1]p., [4] leaves of plates.
Holding Library:   Thomas Gray Archive
References:   Northup 18.
Notes:   592 images: digitized by the Thomas Gray Archive, 12/02/2013.
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