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The Poetical Works of Thomas Gray (1826)

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Half-title    Gray's Poems    p. [i]
Frontispiece    The Poems of Gray    p. ---
Title page    The Poetical Works of Thomas Gray    p. [iii]
Contents    Contents    p. [v]
Preface    Critical Observations    p. [vii]
Preface    Encomium    p. [xxix]
Section    Poems of Thomas Gray    p. ---
Illustration    [Ode on the Spring]    p. ---
Poem    [Spring Ode]    p. [1]
Poem    [Favourite Cat]    p. 3
Illustration    [Eton College]    p. ---
Poem    [Eton Ode]    p. 5
Poem    [Adversity]    p. 9
Illustration    [Progress of Poesy]    p. ---
Poem    [Progress of Poesy]    p. 11
Poem    [Bard]    p. 18
Poem    [Ode for Music]    p. 27
Poem    [Fatal Sisters]    p. 33
Illustration    [Descent of Odin]    p. ---
Poem    [Descent of Odin]    p. 37
Poem    [Triumphs of Owen]    p. 43
Poem    [Death of Hoel]    p. 46
Poem    [Caradoc]    p. 47
Poem    [Conan]    p. 47
Poem    [Mrs Clerke]    p. 49
Poem    [William Williams]    p. 50
Illustration    [Elegy]    p. ---
Poem    [Elegy]    p. 51
Poem    [Sonnet]    p. 58
Poem    [Long Story]    p. 59
Section    Posthumous Poems and Fragments    p. [71]
Poem    [Vicissitude]    p. [71]
Poem    [Thebaid VI, 704-24]    p. 75
Poem    [Agrippina, a Tragedy]    p. 77
Poem    [Hymn to Ignorance]    p. 89
Poem    [Alliance of Education and Government]    p. 91
Poem    [Stanzas to Bentley]    p. 96
Poem    [Sketch]    p. 98
Poem    [Song I]    p. 99
Poem    [Song II]    p. 100
Poem    [Tophet]    p. 101
Poem    [Lord Holland]    p. 102
Poem    [The Candidate]    p. 103
Section    Poemata    p. [105]
Poem    [Hymeneal]    p. [105]
Poem    [Favonium Aristium]    p. 108
Poem    [Alcaic Fragment]    p. 111
Poem    [Horridos tractus]    p. 111
Poem    [Elegiac Verses]    p. 112
Poem    [Favonium Zephyrinum]    p. 113
Poem    [The Gaurus]    p. 115
Poem    [Farewell to Florence]    p. 118
Poem    [Imitated from Buondelmonte]    p. 119
Poem    [Alcaic Ode]    p. 120
Poem    [Luna habitabilis]    p. 121
Poem    [Sophonisba Masinissae. Epistola]    p. 124
Poem    [De Principiis Cogitandi. Liber Primus. Ad Favonium.]    p. 126
Poem    [De Principiis Cogitandi. Liber Secundus.]    p. 133
Poem    [Inscription]    p. 134
Digital Library ID:   1826 (Source: METS/XML)
Title:   [Poetical Works] The Poetical Works of Thomas Gray.
Author:   Gray, Thomas, 1716-1771
Print Source:   London: Printed for John Sharpe, and other proprietors; by C. and C. Whittingham, Chiswick. M DCCC XXVI.
Medium:   xxx,[2],134p., engraved title page and 5 plates; 8°. With a half-title.
Holding Library:   Thomas Gray Archive
References:   Northup 110.
Notes:   172 images: scanned and processed by the Thomas Gray Archive, 25/08/2010.
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