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Poetical Works of Thomas Gray, LL.B. (1800)

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Frontispiece    Gray    p. ---
Title page    The Poetical Works of Thomas Gray, LL.B...    p. [i]
Contents    Contents    p. [iii]
Preface    Preface    p. [vii]
Section    Some Account of The Life and Writings...    p. [xvii]
Section    The Last Will and Testament...    p. l
Section    Poems of Mr. Gray    p. [1]
Illustration    Ode on the Spring    p. ---
Poem    [Spring Ode]    p. [3]
Poem    [Favourite Cat]    p. 7
Poem    [Eton Ode]    p. 10
Illustration    [Apollo]    p. ---
Poem    [Adversity]    p. 17
Poem    [Progress of Poesy]    p. 20
Illustration    [Bard]    p. ---
Poem    [Bard]    p. 32
Illustration    [Music Ode]    p. ---
Poem    [Ode for Music]    p. 49
Poem    [Fatal Sisters]    p. 56
Illustration    [Odin]    p. ---
Poem    [Descent of Odin]    p. 61
Poem    [Triumphs of Owen]    p. 72
Poem    [Death of Hoel]    p. 76
Poem    [Long Story]    p. 78
Poem    [Elegy]    p. 88
Section    Posthumous Poems and Fragments    p. [101]
Poem    [Vicissitude]    p. 103
Poem    [Caradoc]    p. 109
Poem    [Conan]    p. 109
Poem    [Thebaid VI, 704-24]    p. 110
Poem    [The Gaurus]    p. 112
Poem    [Alcaic Ode]    p. 119
Poem    [Hymeneal]    p. 123
Poem    [Favonium Aristium]    p. 127
Poem    [Favonium Zephyrinum]    p. 130
Poem    [Horridos tractus]    p. 132
Poem    [Alcaic Fragment]    p. 132
Poem    [Elegiac Verses]    p. 133
Poem    [Farewell to Florence]    p. 133
Poem    [From Buondelmonte]    p. 134
Poem    [Sophonisba Masinissae]    p. 135
Poem    [De Principiis Cogitandi Liber Primus]    p. 138
Poem    [De Principiis Cogitandi Liber Secundus]    p. 148
Poem    [Agrippina, a Tragedy]    p. 150
Poem    [Hymn to Ignorance]    p. 165
Poem    [Alliance of Education and Government]    p. 168
Poem    [Sonnet]    p. 174
Poem    [Mrs Clerke]    p. 175
Poem    [William Williams]    p. 176
Poem    [Stanzas to Bentley]    p. 178
Poem    [Thyrsis]    p. 180
Poem    [Enquiry]    p. 181
Poem    [Tophet]    p. 182
Illustration    Tophet    p. ---
Poem    [On Lord Holland's Seat]    p. 183
Poem    [Candidate]    p. 185
Poem    [Sketch]    p. 188
Section    Poems addressed to, and in memory of, Mr. Gray    p. [189]
Poem    [Mr. Gray, upon his Odes. By David Garrick]    p. 191
Poem    [Ode to Mr. Gray. By Richard West]    p. 193
Poem    [Ode on the Death of Mr. Gray]    p. 195
Poem    [Ode on the Death of Mr. Gray. By the Earl of Carlisle]    p. 199
Poem    [Lines to the Memory of Mr. Gray]    p. 204
Poem    [Fragment of an Ode on the Death of Mr. Gray]    p. 208
Poem    [Stanzas on the Death of Mr. Gray. By a Lady]    p. 213
Poem    [The Tears of Genius. By Mr. Taite]    p. 215
Poem    [Epitaph on Mr. Gray's Monument]    p. 223
Digital Library ID:   1800 (Source: METS/XML)
Title:   [Poetical Works] The Poetical Works of Thomas Gray, LL.B. Late Professor of Modern Languages and History in the University of Cambridge: with some account of His Life and Writings. The whole carefully revised; and illustrated by notes. To which are annexed, Poems addressed to, and in memory of, Mr. Gray; several of which were never before collected. Second edition, considerably enlarged and improved
Author:   Gray, Thomas, 1716-1771
Collaborator:   [Jones, Stephen, 1763-1827] [editor]
Print Source:   London: Printed by C[harles]. Whittingham, Dean Street, Fetter Lane; For T.N. Longman and O. Rees; F. and C. Rivington; W.J. and J. Richardson; W. Otridge and Son; J. Scatcherd; Vernor and Hood; H.D. Symonds; T. Hurst; J. Mawman; J. Nunn; E. Lloyd; Jordan Hookham; and R. Lea. 1800.
Medium:   lvi,223,[1]p., plates; 8°.
Holding Library:   Thomas Gray Archive
References:   Northup 85; ESTC T124916.
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