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The Works of Thomas Gray (1814), ed. Thomas James Mathias, vol. ii

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Frontispiece    Gray    p. ---
Title page    The Works of Thomas Gray ... to which are subjoined Extracts Philological Poetical and Critical ... Vol. II.    p. ---
Advertisement    Advertisement    p. [i]
Section    Extracts Section I    p. [iii]
Prose    Metrum: Observations on English Metre    p. [1]
Prose    Metrum: Observations on The Pseudo-Rhythmus    p. 31
Prose    Some Observations on the Use of Rhyme    p. 44
Prose    Additional Observations and Conjectures on Rhyme    p. 50
Prose    Some Remarks on the Poems of John Lydgate    p. 55
Section    Extracts Section II    p. [81]
Poem    [Imitated from Propertius, Lib 3 Eleg 5]    p. 85
Poem    [From Propertius. Lib 2 Eleg 1]    p. 87
Poem    [From Tasso Gerusalemme Liberata Canto, 14, Stanza 32.    p. 90
Poem    [From Petrarch. Lib I Sonett 170]    p. 93
Poem    [Translations from the Greek Anthology]    p. 94
Prose    Architectura Gothica    p. 98
Prose    Gothi    p. 104
Prose    Literae    p. 111
Prose    Histrio et Saltatio    p. 114
Prose    History    p. 119
Prose    Xenophon    p. 121
Prose    Lacedaemon    p. 123
Prose    Miscellanea    p. 126
Prose    Some notes on The Comedies of Aristophanes    p. 132
Section    Extracts Section III    p. [181]
Prose    Extracts Geographical relating to some parts Of India and Of Persia    p. 187
Prose    [India]    p. 193
Prose    [Persia]    p. 227
Section    Extracts Section IV    p. [291]
Prose    A General View of the Works of Plato    p. 289
Prose    Some Account of The Dialogues and of the Epistles of Plato    p. [297]
Appendix    [Linnaeus]    p. [549]
Postscript    Postscript ... by the editor    p. [581]
Contents    Contents    p. 631
Digital Library ID:   MaW_1814ii (Source: METS/XML)
Title:   The Works of Thomas Gray with Memoirs of his Life and Writings by William Mason to which are subjoined Extracts Philological Poetical and Critical from the author's original manuscripts selected and arranged by Thomas James Mathias ... Vol. II.
Author:   Gray, Thomas, 1716-1771
Collaborator:   Mathias, Thomas James, 1754?-1835 [editor]
Print Source:   London: printed by William Bulmer and co./ Shakespeare Press / for John Porter in Pall-Mall Bookseller to Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte / 1814
Medium:   [4],vii,[1],634p., [1] leaf of plates.
Holding Library:   Thomas Gray Archive
References:   Northup 18.
Notes:   654 images: digitized by the Thomas Gray Archive, 12/02/2013.
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